Like an oyster plucked straight from the sea, this Set demands to be served with a lemon wedge and a salty accompaniment. The asymmetric shape and sand coloured glaze of the Malmo plates are hand finished with honey rims which pair perfectly with the opulence of the brushed gold stems of the D’oro cutlery. The warmth of this collection is given prominence by the crisp white and raw edge of the Bay White linen napkin and perfectly complimented by the generous profile, and crisp thin rims of the Redolence suite of glassware.

PLATES: Malmo main, entree, bowl and side plate.

CUTLERY: Two sets of D’Oro knife and fork for use with entree and main plus dessert spoon.

GLASSWARE: Melodia wine glass, flute and water (tumbler) glasses.

NAPKIN: Bay White napkin.

TEA & COFFEE: Malmo cup & saucer, D’oro teaspoon. (Currently only up to 50 available by request)

Suitable for a three-course meal.

80 Sets Available (less in the tea & coffee sets) | $34.70 Per Set

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