En Blanc

En Blanc


The heavy porcelain of the Knit White plate is textured with a knit weave imprint and finished with a clean white semi-matte glaze. Contrasting this finish is the high rim Byron plate, hand marbled with chocolate and caramel glaze. These oppositional textures and the chocolate swirl break up the stark whiteness of this set, bringing a warmth and charm, the perfect replacement to a traditional white on white combination. This set is paired with the formal elegance of the silver Spade cutlery and raw edge of the Bay Grey linen napkin combining both traditional form with modern elements.

PLATES: White Knit main plate, and side/dessert plate. Byron entree plate.

CUTLERY: Spade entree, main and dessert spoon.

GLASSWARE: Redolence wine glass, flute and water (tumbler) glasses.

NAPKIN: Bay Grey napkin.

Suitable for a three-course meal if using the White Knit side/sml entree plate as a dessert plate.

Up to 100 available by request | $16.80 per set

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