Nordic Relic

Nordic Relic


Featuring graduated duck egg grey tones, low rim and flat physique, the Grey Relic plates deliver modern elegance with a furtive minimalism. The flat physique is especially complimented by the thin elongated profile of the Mood cutlery. These cool colours are softened by the textural pre-shrunk linen and wheat grey hue of the Oslo napkin. Accompanying the Set is the refined elegant construction of the Melodia range of crystal glassware.

PLATES: Relic Grey main, entree, bowl and side plate.

CUTLERY: Mood entree, main and dessert cutlery plus butter knife.

GLASSWARE: Melodia wine glass, flute and water (tumbler) glasses.

NAPKIN: Oslo Napkin

Ideal for a three-course meal.

150 Sets Available | $23.05 per set

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