Organic Gold

Organic Gold


This Set screams opulence but with a modern organic charm influenced by the asymmetrical shape of the Genna plates. The delicate white porcelain plates feature a black speckle across the glaze and are finished with a petite rim of gold. They are accompanied by a draping of generous napkin in wheat grey, pre-shrunk and seamed with deep mitered hems. The set is perfectly complimented by the refined elegant construction of the Melodia range of crystal glassware and the brushed gold and contrasting matte white stems of the Bianca cutlery.

PLATES: Genna main and side plate.

CUTLERY: Bianca entree, main and dessert cutlery plus butter knife.

GLASSWARE: Melodia wine glass, flute and water (tumbler) glasses.

NAPKIN: Oslo Napkin

Suitable for a single-course, although cutlery is suited for three courses. Consider adding the Byron plate either for dessert or entrée or the Knit White plate for the main plate.

150 Sets Available | $21.45 per set

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