Provincial Pear

Provincial Pear


Rich in texture and earthy mustard hues, this Set includes three pieces of raw unglazed crockery and a generous linen napkin seamed with deep mitered hems. The brushed gold and contrasting matte white stems of the Bianca cutlery add a French elegance to this beautiful grouping of wares. Finally, the set is perfectly complimented by the generous profile, delicate pulled stems and crisp thin rims of the Redolence suite of glassware.

PLATES: French Bisque main plate, bowl and side plate.

CUTLERY: Bianca entree, main and dessert cutlery plus butter knife.

GLASSWARE: Redolence wine, flute and water (tumbler) glasses.

NAPKIN: Dijon Napkin (coming soon)

Suitable for a two-course meal, although cutlery is suited for three courses. Consider adding the Byron plate either for dessert or entree.

150 Sets Available | $20.05 Per Set

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