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This one of a kind handmade set of porcelain plates are wafer delicate and oh so pretty. The glaze, a cherry caramel swirl of delightful pink and peach tones. These artworks are only available in a set of 8 for intimate gatherings.

20cm | Handwash only.


Pink Soy Ceramics

About the Artist/Maker

Frosina is a full-time mum of two. She lives in the slow beach town of Coolangatta on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Her husband owns a local tattoo shop. Whilst she is busy making her signature 'boobie' cups, her kids are usually also close by playing with clay or drawing.

Influences and Style

Frosina is influenced by so much around her. Whether it be other female clay makers, her talented husband and the method to his artwork, or nature "I honestly just find so much inspiration in all those things and more".

Frosina describes her style of art as "soft but raw". Whether it is intentional or not, her signature 'boobie' pieces make a bold statement about femininity and sexuality. Her other works feature native Australian floras and her trinket bowls depict an obvious admiration for the gifts of the ocean.


Coolangatta, QLD

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