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About side serve

my affection for beautiful tableware has brought me here, to your table. Let me explain where the love affair began… 

My father would hand me a clean cloth, an espresso and an otherwise monotonous late-night chore of polishing glassware became our time to exchange whimsical ‘what if’ ideas and deep conversations. My father owned a restaurant, so did my grandparents for that matter, and my mother, the backbone and central instigator of them all, had me working in them all from the moment I could hold a fork. 

A recent discovery of an old chest unveiled a plethora of beautiful handmade linens. They belonged to my gentle grandmother of whom I still remember adorning every Sunday lunch table with a crisply ironed, hand crochet cloth, smoothing it with her delicate hands. My grandmother had sewn hand written notes on the tablecloths, gifting them to ensure her treasures remained preserved in my keep. Her passion for such beauty still resonates with me, the original catalyst for my desire to adorn every setting with the same love and attention to detail. 

We sold our last family restaurant 12 years ago, and after a brief stint as a wedding function planner, I have spent the past 10+ years dabbling in a different kind of event type. As a coordinator of art and event experiences, I’ve had the privilege of directing an array of festivals and events all with the same common purpose, to bring colour, excitement and entertainment to the community, to families, to groups and gatherings of people.  

My fondness of those early memories and the work ethic instilled in me from a young age, coupled with a love for bringing together an array of beautiful elements, all planned in detail and then zealously executed in a matter of hours, culminates with you. Here at your table. My passion has always been and will continue to be about bringing people together, to share, to laugh and to enjoy in each other’s company. I look forward to bringing this same passion to your table. I look forward to dining with you. 

Sabrina xoxo


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