Malmo Set

Malmo Set


Hand moulded, this collection of four (main, entree, bowl and side) organically shaped stoneware plates are glazed in grey/white with a warm edge. Simple yet beautiful.

Cups and saucers are also available in this range as well as just the cups on their own for use as tumblers.

40 of each are currently available. Larger quantity can be sourced.

Side/Tapas | 9cm x 8cm
$2.50 per piece

Bowl | 18cm x 20cm x5cm
$3.00 per piece

Large Entreè / Share Plate | 28cm x 25cm
$3.00 per piece

Large Main Plate/Charger | 31cm x 28cm
$4.50 per piece

[Final image courtesy of Heart Strings Hire and Style]

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